Fuldera is a quiet farming village. Many of its houses are decorated with 'sgraffito'. The former schoolhouse is now the 'Chastè da Cultura' where numerous cultural events take place. The cross-country ski trail runs along the plain around Fuldera; the former forestry office has become the 'Chamonna da Sport', which is now the valley's cross-country ski centre. Close by in winter there is a small ski lift where children can learn to ski. In summer hikers can enjoy walks in the larch forests or alongside the river Rom with its alder and riverside vegetation. The Rom is the only major river in Switzerland that is not exploited for the production of energy! Holidaymakers will also find a hotel, shop, playground and barbecue area, and a biotope.

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Gäste-Info Val Müstair
Chasa Cumünala 
7532 Tschierv 
Tel. +41 (0)81 861 88 40

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