Around the Bike Marathon

Framework program

In the finish area on the Stradun.
Finish area Scuol.
There will also be plenty on offer alongside the races. At the free warm-up workshop, you can once again hone your riding technique. In the finish area and the village, the race atmosphere is particularly intense, especially during the award ceremonies. Drinks and food will also be provided in a pleasant atmosphere.  
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Alptrails Mountainbiking Scuol.

Free workshop. Riding technique warmup

Take the chance for a technique refresher just before the National Park Bike Marathon. The Alptrails team is looking forward to seeing you!

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No gratulain - congratulations! Award ceremonies

Enjoy the atmosphere at the award ceremonies in the finish area in Scuol. In the restaurant with music and food it is easy to stay while more bikers arrive.

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