Climate neutrality and sustainability

Nationalpark Bike-Marathon - Transport mit der RhB
The unique natural scenery of the National Park Bike Marathon obliges us to take responsibility, which is why we are happy to work together with your support to preserve it. For several years, we have been making various efforts to organize an event that is oriented towards the three dimensions of sustainable development.
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3-dimensionale Nachhaltigkeit

The organizers act according to the principle of 3-dimensional sustainability: Ecology - Economy - Social.

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Successful measures in comparison 2019 to 2021

With concrete measures in the planning and execution of the National Park Bike Marathon, we were able to save 44.7 tons of CO2 emissions within two years. The following measures have led to this reduction from 69.4 tons to 24.7 tons of CO2 emissions.

Concrete sustainability measures

Measures 2019 2021
Conversion of disposable plastic tableware to recyclable tableware 0.5 ton 0.0 Tons
Conversion to e-program booklet 7000 pieces A4 pages 0 piece A4 pages
Transports on the road 4000 km 1000 km
Transport helicopter 16 flying hours 2 flying hours
CO2 emissions per participant 35.3 kg 15.7 kg
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Event Profile - Clean Event

On our event profile you will find the evaluation of our measures and the evaluation of nine fields of action.
To the event profile
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Cause We Care - Climate Neutral National Park Bike Tour

The National Park Bike Tour is ideal for training. This can be booked thanks to the project "Cause We Care" to the foundation myclimate now also climate neutral.

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