For the necessary power


Verpflegungsposten bei der Alp Chaschauna. Bild: Dominik Täuber.
Verpflegungsposten bei der Alp Chaschauna. Bild: Dominik Täuber.
On all routes there will be several refreshment stands with sports food and drinks, so that you keep enough energy for the route. Bun appetit!

Catering plan


Grazcha fich our catering sponsors Coop and Sponser.

Sponser products

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Coop will support us again this year with fruits and other catering.


Catering during the race.

The right food prevents a performance slump at the bike marathon

In order not to suffer from "hunger pangs" on the way to Alp Chaschauna and on to the finish, it is worthwhile to drink fluids and carbohydrates regularly from the first aid station onwards and preferably to consume food that is well tolerated during sporting exertion.

At all refreshment points, the Swiss sports nutrition manufacturer SPONSER® offers athletes acid-free, mildly flavoured sports drinks that do not burden the stomach and leave the digestive system alone. In addition, there are fine energy bars and well-tolerated gels; both in sweet and salty versions. And if you need a stimulating kick on the go, ask for LIQUID ENERGY PLUS gels with caffeine! In addition, solid food in the form of bananas, bread, oranges, Linzertörtli etc. is also offered.