107 km & 2'756 eg


On the marathon course in Val Mora. Image: Sportograf.
Val Mora. Image: Sportograf.
The route popular with professionals and ambitious amateurs with the start in Fuldera in Val Müstair. Shortly after the race begins, you feel transported here into another world, far away from civilization. The passage through Val Mora is one of the scenic highlights of the bike marathon. Very demanding it then goes to the pass Chaschauna, before the rapid single-trail descent into the Engadine awaits.

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The race track at a glance


Categories Ladies licensed, Men licensed, Ladies Fun, Men Fun 1 - 4
Km 107
Altitude meters 2'756
Asphalt 3.1 km (2.8%)
Bike path 2.4 km (2.2%)
Gravel 77.2 km (72.4%)
Hiking trail 10.3 km (9.6%)
Singletrail 8.8 km (11.96%)
Push 1.2 km (1.1%)
Start / Finish Fuldera / Scuol