Fraesy Föhn

OK Präsident Fraesy Föhn

I (born 1967), grew up in Schwyz. As a teenager I bought with my first earned money (summer vacation job in construction) a racing bike. When in the late 80's the triumphal procession of the mountain bikers took its beginning, the racing bike was exchanged for a MTB. The love for cycling and mountain biking has remained until today - as often as possible I am on the road with my bike or MTB. Sports are my great passion - trail running, racing, snowboarding, skating and hiking are also actively practiced. I also enjoy traveling, theater, music and reading.

Professional background: Commercial apprenticeship followed by further professional training as a financial expert with FA, certified accountant and a few years ago an MBA in sports management. Currently CEO and owner of DribbSTER GmbH, an agency for sports management based in Zurich.

Since 2012 happily married to Heidrun, living in Rapperswil-Jona and second home in Tarasp. 

What makes the NBM special for you?

In addition to the attractive routes with 5 different starting locations, it is the great support that the NBM has in the region and among the population. Young and old help out as volunteers, villages and fan groups organize special events for the bikers, countless spectators cheer on the participants, and the municipalities, companies and sponsors involved help out actively, professionally and unbureaucratically. And not to forget the cooperation with the OC team - everyone is passionate about the event and helps each other. I personally experience the cooperation with the locals and the partner communities as very inspiring and appreciative.

On this section you are found most often and why

As a second home in Tarasp, I am often on the trails around Scuol. The section on the Vallader route from Scuol via Costainas, Fuldera, Döss Radond into Val Mora and then over the Alpisella down to Livigno is my favorite. There is everything a biker's heart desires: wonderful landscapes, flowing sections, crisp climbs, rapid descents and many culinary temptations along the way. And at the end in Livigno you can enjoy the Italian lifestyle or prepare for the long, tough climb up the Chaschauna Pass...

The National Park region is generally a wonderful playground for bikers - and there are still many fantastic trails far away from the crowds. 

This is what you would like to see for the NBM in the coming years

That the NBM can retain the character of a friendly event with the support of the entire region. In today's world, the pressure on event organizers regarding issues such as sustainability, the environment, resources and commercialization is constantly increasing and it is important to continue to meet these needs in the future without losing what is unique or special. These challenges can only be solved together - and I wish the NBM this special spirit of cooperation to continue. If we can also integrate other stakeholders such as e-bikers or gravel bikers into the event in the medium term, then the NBM will be able to retain its status as a special event in the biker scene.

... your insider tip in the NBM region

For mountain bikers: The Scenic route from the Motta Naluns mountain station (alternatively from the valley station via Ftan for the more fit) via Alp Laret and Alp Valmala through the beautiful Val Tasna should be mentioned. This tour offers a fantastic panorama, great trails and on the Alp Laret you can enjoy in summer probably the best Kaiserschmarren far and wide. That alone makes the exertions of the tour forgotten. And when I'm on foot, I'm always drawn back to Val Plavna.